1936 Ford 1½ Ton

This 1936 Ford 1½ Ton was originally a delivery truck for Merrimack Farmers Exchange Company. They were a grain company that had stores in various communities around New Hampshire. This particular truck was one of the trucks based at the grain mill in Concord, New Hampshire and hauled from there to the various stores. Those trucks were outfitted with Eaton manual shift 2 speed rear axles and also a booster on the mechanical brakes. This truck today still has those options and they work perfectly. After its life as a grain delivery truck, the unit became a Fire truck for the Town of Dunbarton, NH. It saw Fire service duty until about 1966 or
1936 Ford 1 Ton
The unit sat around until the late 80's before it was rescued and a restoration project began. The original restorer gave up on the project because he couldn't find a good engine block to rebuild. I happened to have an extremely good LB block to rebuild (it had never been rebuilt). I did so and then put it in the truck. This rig was a very valuable asset to our fleet and was used regularly. It has 7.50 rubber all the way around and there are no clearance problems on the front fenders whatsoever. 
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